Recently, my cousin Dee and I went on a “treasure” hunt together. We were on a mission to find Perch Lake and the cottage our Grandma and Grandpa Parkhurst had once owned. Thirty years ago the cottage passed out of our family and all the good times we had there became treasures, stored away in our memories; cousins laughing, siblings swimming, Grandpa fishing, so much fun with extended family… many now gone.

Past the cornfield and around the curve… (standing behind the cottage)
Grandma and Grandpa with all the cousins


On the beach, looking left


“Our” cottage site on the right, Grandma’s brother’s site on the left
Not surprisingly, the hand crafted cottage is long gone and the site much changed. Still, we stood on the  small beach and remembered the diving board our grandpa had made. We remembered rolling down the hill behind the back road, tucked inside old tires. There had been a wonderful (and scary high to me) treehouse that overlooked the beach and a swing. We remembered sleeping on the screened porch, the sounds and smells, wafting in on the night breeze.
Dee and Karen    (1977)
It was sweet and sad and so worth the trip.
On the way back, we shopped some antique stores, where I found a few late summer daisies 🙂  Exactly what I needed to make the day perfect.