Naomi and Wynonna


Just like Naomi, I like a little sparkle 🙂

My daughter Kristen and I have a close relationship. We enjoy our similarities and have differences that complement each other. She’s the Rory to my Lorelei, the frick to my frack. When it comes to textile arts, I put fabric to use in quilts, she majored in fashion design and merchandising.

I used to fantasize that we could be the “Judds” of the quilting world – a successful mother/daughter duo, just without the singing or dysfunction. (Well, maybe a little singing 😉 Up until recently Kristen found this idea more amusing than compelling, but lately she  wonders about the possibilities of our doing something creative together.

I think about the amazing English mother/daughter art quilters Linda and Laura Kemshall. She thinks about a children’s clothing boutique.