Name Change?

Kristen and I are making progress in our sundress designing endeavor. However, as so often happens, there has been a bump in the road. Namely, I’m not the only blue daisy out there, blowing in the breeze!

Plenty of other creative types have laid claim to the name/ logo/ website. So what’s a designer to do? Well,  after some thinking we’ve decided to rename our project Sunshine Daisy Designs. It makes sense for lots of reasons, not the least of which is that we were able to obtain that web domain inexpensively. And after all, we are making sundresses to potentially sell at sunny summer art fairs!


When it comes to renaming the blog, though, I’m feeling a little hesitant… I have a lot of affection for my blue     daisy 🙂
I think I’ll sit with the idea for awhile and when I’m feeling ready, make the change.