Marvel and Wonder

A few years ago I went to a big quilt show at the Lansing Center. It was the first one I’d ever been to and some of the quilts I saw there literally left me in shock and awe. They were amazing! I still get gobsmacked that way at every new exhibit I visit by at least one or two (or five) really great pieces, and that’s not even counting the many, many others that leave me  marveling and in wonder at their incredible artistry. I’m sharing a few that I particularly liked from this past weekend’s International Quilt Festival Cincinnati. Enjoy!

Empire Star by Anna Faustino


Silk Road Treasures by Heather A. Lair


Afternoon Seduction by Barbara McKie


Sweet Lovers Love the Spring by Bodil Gardner


Springtime in the Garden (detail) by Mary T. Schneider


Windblown (detail) by Maria Elkins
Life in the City by Sheila Frampton-Cooper


Celestial Compass Rose (detail) by Pat Connally
Celestial Compass Rose (quilting detail)


Flower Garden (detail) by Lynn H. Woll


Harrier Hunting by Ruth Powers


Salad with Pears (detail) by Gail Segreto


Turquoise Pond by Marianne Williamson

*My Favorite*

Turquoise Pond (detail)


Iris Ballet by Luella Morgenthaler


Dixie Dingo Dreaming by Susan E. Carlson


O Happy Day by Timna Tarr


Forest in Flames by Rachel Covo


New Life by Luella Morgenthaler


As you can see, they’re not just your grandmother’s quilts anymore. These are off the bed and up on the wall, fabulous fabric art!