Learning As I Go

Two different projects have been taking up my time this week… my “steel” themed quilt for our next “T” For Three challenge and the quilt I’ve loaded onto my Grace Machine Quilter. With both, I’m having to learn as I go and learn from my mistakes. Short of stopping completely, what other choice do I have? It’s hard but it has been liberating to give up the idea delusion that each project I start is a masterpiece in the making.

So I’ve made up my mind to just let go if things aren’t working. So what if I use up a whole package of transfer paper because I keep forgetting to flip the image? “Oh well” if I mess up on the perfect fabric that I had just enough of. The world won’t end because I didn’t discover bird nests and thread tension problems on the back of my quilt until after I’d done a four inch row of quilting all the way across.

Humbling lessons. But I’m learning… to improvise, to throw out, to keep going 🙂

Bird nests, skipped stitches, tension troubles…oh my 😦


Composition problems, bad transfer technique, too much (gasp!) sparkle.