Kids Say The Darndest Things

On occasion my grandson likes to spend time in my sewing room. He and his sister have happily played there many times –  emptying and sorting bags of buttons, pushing pins into pincushions and measuring things with my automatic rewinding tape measures. Under supervision they have enjoyed sewing random scraps together and Chase in particular likes to use these assemblages to try out various decorative stitches. Like little boys everywhere he enjoys pushing buttons 😉

This week he noticed that I had put some new unfinished piecing up on the design wall. “Grandma, I like that design” he said. Music to my ears! Then after a few more seconds of consideration he stated, “it’s not too colorful – but it is a nice design.”

Wow, I heard a lot in that sentence. First, he’s learned to soften a (constructive) criticism between two positive observations. That really warmed this Grandma’s heart, I must say. Second, the kid has a sense of design and color! Woohoo! Third, he reinforced a lesson I was taught long ago in art class. See, I bought that fabric because it was on sale and I wanted to try something new, inexpensively. I didn’t like the colors either but thought it wouldn’t really matter in a “practice” project. However, in school we were told to always use the best materials we could afford because you never knew when you might produce a masterpiece.

Now this project is no masterpiece but it has taken hours of my time and will require many more to finish … and I don’t like the material! The joy of the journey will be diminished because I chose to work with something less than what I love and I didn’t have to.

Lesson relearned, thanks Chase 🙂