Friends Around The World

It’s a funny thing to think that people I’ve never met are reading my blog posts – sometimes even more than once! Early on I discovered that the blog overview keeps track of visitors by number and country of origin, (not by person đŸ™‚ and I thought, “Oh, people are stumbling onto my blog by accident… or maybe through the blog ring they’re checking me out, you know, like the new kid on the block, before moving on.”
I try to write as if I’m talking to a friend, which I like to think I am. I imagine the thoughts and reactions of friends I know who read my posts and often hope I give them a chuckle or even a little inspiration; at the very least, validation for the wandering path that is each of our own individual creative journeys.

And now, as I see repeated visits over the months from far off places, I like to imagine who my new unknown friends might be and what their stories are. I may never know you personally but let me just say “hello and thanks for visiting” to my readers in China, Israel, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Oman, Denmark, Sri Lanka, and many other wonderful places – my friends around the world!