Finishing Up

Recently I was taken aback after more than one person wondered aloud about what I do with all my finished quilts.  After a pause I had to admit…  it doesn’t seem like I have that many finished quilts. I have a fair number of finished quilt tops. And I have plenty of ‘in progress’ quilts, most of which I’m working on just for myself and my own satisfaction. Mostly, I have a lot of ideas as well as the fabric and tools to someday bring those ideas to life.

My mind is always racing ahead with plans and projects, far ahead of my time or ability to accomplish them. It’s challenging to maintain focus on a project that will require hours and hours to finish when the distractions of life intrude. Almost always before I can finish, some other project entices me. I’m finding I work best with deadlines. Even better, incentives! (Or, at least a little push now and then 🙂

I do keep a logbook with photos of the quilts I have finished in it. Looking through the book I realized that most of the quilts were done specifically for someone or something special… not art quilts, but gifts to be given with love, the anticipation of the giving making every hour of effort worth it. And you know what? There were more finished quilts in that book than I remembered or gave myself credit for.   I feel better now 🙂


My granddaughter Natalie’s “Button Blanket”



Church banners, a series of eight…
…hope, love, grace, joy, mercy, life


Two of the bulldogs are portraits!
Early quilts done for a charity raffle… with my sweet Kip!


I do have a couple of quilts on beds in my own home


I think Charlie wants me to put down the camera and go for a walk!

(This post has obviously gone to the dogs 🙂