Chocolate Kisses

There’s a certain kind of pain in knowing just enough to realize how little you know … in being smart enough to know how smart you aren’t.

As an artist that pain comes to me when I have a vision for a piece but not the skills to bring it to life. Oh, the frustration! I have little patience for developing technical expertise through hours and hours of practice.

So … I do a slow boil when my sewing machine tension settings and the thread I want to use go to war with each other. I’m deflated when ironing a piece in progress ruins it. I have regret for hasty decisions to cut up what I don’t think is working.

Today I got to experience all of the above while working on my “T” For Two (soon to be Three – more on that later!) challenge piece. I’ve now scrapped three attempts at two different ideas.


What to do? Well, after some chocolate and a few sympathetic licks from the dog – wait, did he just want the treat?! – my resolve is back to persevere. Tomorrow truly is another day. And I guess there is some small solace in knowing I’m just creative enough to realize how much better I can be … if I’ll only keep trying.