A Proper Introduction

One of life’s joys is building adult friendships based on shared interests and experiences. Good friends, good times, good memories! Candy Winiarski and I have worked as neonatal nurses together for many years but it’s only in the last few that we’ve seen our friendship blossom through a shared love of quilting. Now, we’ve become partners-in-crime, so to speak, determined to break out our creative mojo in our “T” For Two challenge. I’ve shared Candy’s challenge pieces here on the blog but I know with a proper introduction you’ll have a better appreciation for who she is and what she can do!

Candy with her challenge quilt Jericho

Candy learned how to sew from her mother, who owned a fabric shop that Candy worked in. She sewed lots of her own clothes and utilitarian items like curtains and drapes. She says “It was not fun.”    In the eighth grade, on a visit to a community art center, she was entranced by a large floor loom that students were not allowed to touch. Years later, when she married her husband, Tom, she announced she was going to learn to weave and she wanted a loom! Candy says now, “It was cool to do, it’s still cool to do, but it’s not fun.”

In the early 90’s she made her first quilt, and feels about it the way many of us do about our first quilts 😦  Then, in 1996 she discovered a book about art quilts and thought that is cool! Her first art quilt, ellipses that morphed into circles, was a no pattern, no idea how it would turn out, all process and painted piece – and hangs over her bed today. That was the start! Candy describes her aesthetic as “not precise, not pretty, not conventional.” With a laugh we agreed that her viewpoint is “subversive.”


Having traveled to various retreats and shows in Michigan, Chicago, and Paducah, Candy now counts among her top quilting aspirations a trip to the fall show in Houston (I’m in!) and – you guessed it – to HAVE FUN 🙂