A Lot On My Plate

Sometimes, even when things are going well, life can feel a little overwhelming. (In my head I’m hearing a chorus of “amen sisters!”)

My creative life is feeling like that right now … full to bursting with ideas and possibilities and projects, all of which feels invigorating but somehow paralyzing at the same time.

This week, my daughter, Kristen, and I have been working on some fun ideas and exciting plans for a Blue Daisy Designs line of little girls sundresses. We’re in no rush and feel no pressure other than that of wishing we had more time to work together in these early stages of planning. However, we do have a sense of how the next couple of years might play out and it makes us want to jump right in to the working part of the project.

I’m also really fired up about the vintage photo art quilts that I started last month. The first one is nearing completion and I love this little “angel”. There’s some hand- quilting involved (blasted feathers and curves – will I ever master them?!) so it’s slow going at the moment. Meanwhile, the little boy companion piece is still awaiting my attention.



Then, I thought I had a great idea for the next “T” For Two challenge with our theme of Teeny Tiny.

Well … not so much. I started right in and the results were not at all what I envisioned. Frustrating! Now ideas are roiling around in my head in what is quickly becoming a chaotic muddle – aka too much of a good thing :-/

To help restore mental order I think I might need to clean my house and/or re-organize the sewing studio. This will come as no surprise to those who know me (or work with me ;). But really, who doesn’t think better when the clutter is cleared away?

I just know … I do!