A Little Corny

Have you ever been on a path in life that just seemed easy? Where one decision and/or action flowed effortlessly into the next? Where each accomplishment became a natural foundation for the next one and before you knew it, you were in a place that could hardly have been imagined or dreamed just a short time before? Like the stars all aligned and you with them and the energies of the universe … whoa, I’ll stop now, but you get what I’m saying.

I absolutely had that experience years ago as a young mother determined to regain a sense of myself and my art. First I took a couple of classes from a local artist. Then I joined the community art guild, which hosted a membership show that I entered and won. Before I knew it I was sharing working studio space with two other professional artists, regularly exhibiting my paintings in shows and competitions, accepting commissions through a gallery that represented me and even (once) giving a presentation on how I worked. Believe me, as a quiet, shy, non public speaking kind of person, I often felt wonder at how I got from here to there.

In these latest endeavors I’m beginning to sense that building block foundation again. The universe is sending me affirmations in the form of daisies that I see everywhere … even in my corn for supper!