A Few Of My Favorite Things

Quite often, I bumble along with whatever I’m doing, oblivious to the progress, solutions, products, and/or innovations of others. Really, I’m unsophisticated in almost every way 🙂

Now though, the longer I’m immersed in this quilting world, the more exposure I get to the multitudes of products and ideas out there. Happily, being committed to an ongoing quilt challenge project gives me a reason to try them out! Here are a few of my recent favorites:
Love the paints! Great for emphasizing color or image… I like a painterly effect.


How did I ever work without fusible? Gotta have it! And transfer paper is my newest toy 🙂


Tiny serrated scissors – fabric doesn’t slip. And these dots work SO much better than bandaids as thimbles!


Ahh, the joy of discovery!