Sunshine Daisy Designs 2012-2015

Back in 2012 I began blogging as part of a strategy for jump starting my then lackluster creative life. Blue Daisy Designs (later changed to Sunshine Daisy Designs) was born. For three years I wrote about quilting, fun adventures with friends, insights both creative and personal, my love of Michigan, and assorted other topics. It was a good 3 year run!

Then in 2016 life got busy and I decided to let the blog rest awhile. It didn’t take long before I realized how much I missed writing and sharing my art so I decided to return to blogging – but with a new, fresher look and so subsequently changed from Blogger to WordPress. As a perpetual technical novice, I had no idea that by changing web domains I would lose public access to all previous posts. Argh! Fortunately, I have a computer genius brother in the IT business and with his help I’m currently in the process of retrieving past blog posts. It shouldn’t be long before all the archives are available. 🙂