The Art of Connection, Part One

Who hasn’t wondered if, in the grander scheme of things, their life and work have any lasting impact? I sometimes have to remind myself that a small life, lived with authenticity, sends out ripples of effect and the impact of gentle ripples over time can be great indeed. This past month I’ve had the privilege… Continue reading The Art of Connection, Part One

On The Road

Fabric Collage With Susan Carlson

Over a year ago, Candace and I signed up for a 5 day fabric collage class at the Woodland Ridge Retreat in Wisconsin. Well known fabric artist Susan Carlson was leading the retreat and teaching her unique method of collage using pins and glue – with no templates allowed! After months of anticipation, weeks of… Continue reading Fabric Collage With Susan Carlson

Quilt Challenge

Shaking Up The Quilt Reveal

Following this past October’s retreat I found myself giving serious thought to the focus and direction of my quilting. I had reached a point of feeling stuck. There is an inner artist in me that lives in a rich internal environment of completed art quilts, where my ever unfinished Princess hangs fully stitched alongside the… Continue reading Shaking Up The Quilt Reveal