Quilt Challenge

The Devil Made Me Do It – A Quilt Reveal!

The inspiration for this quilt challenge stems from an encounter Brenda, Candace, and I had with a hideous piece of art a couple of years ago. The work was dark, obscure and featured a standing crocodile in profile along with these words, ‘It’s pretty, but is it art?’. Despite the Rudyard Kipling quotation, the piece… Continue reading The Devil Made Me Do It – A Quilt Reveal!

Challenge Quilt Reveals

Turkey Torpor and a Reveal!

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and a restless torpor has descended upon me. Does that make any sense? I can’t seem to settle into any one thing, be it reading, sewing, walking, television watching, or internet shopping. I was scheduled to work at the hospital today but a currently low census has several nurses staying… Continue reading Turkey Torpor and a Reveal!