Challenge Quilts

Since 2012, Candace and I have been meeting every couple of months to reveal quilts that we’ve made based on a chosen challenge theme. Not too far into that first year, Brenda joined the fun and after that we were a trio for quite a while. Then a young co-worker, Liz, expressed interest, Alison also came on board, and Cath tried us out and brought along Jean. Early on we chose a conveniently located restaurant, The Soup Spoon Cafe, for our reveal gatherings and we still meet there – the food is delicious!

We choose our challenge themes randomly from ideas tossed around at the reveal dinner parties. The only rule is that finished quilts be 12″x12″ (or close ūüėČ ). Interpretation of each theme is entirely individual and we love being surprised by the creativity that goes into each and every quilt. There are no critiques and there is never a challenge “winner” – a bit of an inside joke since we’ve all been asked at various times, “who won?”

I like to think we’re all winners.

Our quilts can be viewed¬†under the listed challenge themes¬†as well as in the archived “Reveal” blog posts which include¬†commentary on each piece…or enjoy this slide show of many of the quilts!

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