A week or so into the new year, I noticed an uptick in the 414‘s I was seeing and decided to start documenting them. (Click here for the story of 414). When these 414 events cluster together, I try very hard not to see them as harbingers of trying times to come, but instead as encouragement and… Continue reading Encouragement


Quilt Challenge

Shaking Up The Quilt Reveal

Following this past October’s retreat I found myself giving serious thought to the focus and direction of my quilting. I had reached a point of feeling stuck. There is an inner artist in me that lives in a rich internal environment of completed art quilts, where my ever unfinished Princess hangs fully stitched alongside the… Continue reading Shaking Up The Quilt Reveal

Quilt Challenge

Self Portrait Challenge – The Reveal!

A smaller group gathered at the Soup Spoon Cafe this week for our latest challenge quilt reveal. Three of us – Brenda, Candace and I – took advantage of the opportunity to beat Michigan’s sizzling summer heat and slipped in to the Cafe for some cool beverages, delicious dinner and friendly conversation. Revealing our quilts to… Continue reading Self Portrait Challenge – The Reveal!

Creative Space

In The Studio With Candace Winiarski

There is something fascinating about seeing where other artists work and how they arrange their creative space. Studios are often just as much a commentary on the artists who work in them as is the art that gets created there. Every individual’s space is a unique alchemy of their required tools of the trade, sources of… Continue reading In The Studio With Candace Winiarski