On random days I like to think of myself as artsy, hip and maybe even a little edgy. In reality, I’m a hip(py) woman on the outer edge of middle age who gleefully abandoned pencil and paint when I discovered textile art. Pattern, design, texture, and color…oh my!

DSCN5009Whether in paint or fabric, my favorite subjects are children, and I especially love creating portraits based on vintage photographs. Nature is another source of inspiration – even more so since my husband and I moved to a rural home in 2015.

While I enjoy solitude and a quiet country life, I also count myself amongst the multitudes of quilters and textile artists who are drawn into community through our shared passions. Maybe surprisingly, in my job as a neonatal intensive care nurse I found just such a group of fun and feisty women. We meet regularly for adventures and art quilt challenges, which I’ll be happy to share as we go along – provided they agree. 😉

In this blog I’ll be writing about my art, inspiration, creative process, friends, family, and here and there even throw in a love note to my native state of Michigan. Fellowship, fun, frolic, and fabric – what could be better?


One thought on “About

  1. Roberta, I did a painting once of several children in the grass…there was a soccer ball in the painting. That is the only one I can think of that would come close to your description. Do you have a photo of your piece that you can share?


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