Challenge Quilt Reveals

The Window Challenge – Reveal!

It doesn’t seem possible that three months have passed since the last group quilt challenge reveal…but here we are. The short summer months have hurried by in a hot haze of recreation, projects, and work. Now the season is winding down, nights are becoming cool again, and fall is on the horizon. Ahh! It’s Michigan, where every season delights.

Before heading into all things pumpkin, however, let’s take a look at the quilts presented at the latest challenge reveal gathering. The theme was “Windows”.

Ellen Parrott – An abstracted design and the idea of looking through the window while daydreaming.
detail – fused applique, free motion stitching
Candace Winiarski – An abstract and architectural interpretation of the window theme.
detail – lots of piecing!
Brenda Koepf – A little play on words, wink, wink!
detail – fun with fringe

With the next challenge things are getting shaken up a bit. Six years of 12″x12″ creations have given our group plenty of fun and surprises, but now it’s become a comfortable “box” that needs to be stepped out of. Going forward each of us is selecting our own unique theme and using it for the next three challenges. There will be no size limitation and the idea is to interpret our own theme in three different and distinct ways, that then cohesively come together as a whole. There ought to be some real surprises at the next reveal. Check back in October for all things pumpkin…and our quilts!


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