Quilt Challenge

The Bird Challenge – Reveal!

With varying participants, this quilt challenge group that I belong to has been going strong and steady for 6 years now. I’m a little surprised, and frankly, a little impressed that we’ve lasted so long. There is a lot of satisfaction to be had from persisting in an endeavor to the point that real growth becomes evident. I know that personally, my own design and technical skills could never have reached their current level without the constant push to just create.

This latest impetus for stretching our group’s creative muscles is The Bird Challenge. As per the usual, we met for dinner, drinks, and conversation while showing off our latest quilts to each other. Take a gander… 😉

A trio of paper pieced birds by Brenda Koepf.
An applique rooster by Alison Lerg.
Detail of Alison’s rooster in all of his colorful glory.
Traditionally pieced Bird of Paradise block by Candace Winiarski.
3-dimensional origami birds are the perfect embellishment!
An applique and surface design sampler by Ellen Parrott.


Painted, printed, stamped, embellished…and real feathers too!

After tossing around ideas a consensus was reached for the theme of our next challenge. Coming in August…

The Window Challenge!






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