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My creative muse took a temporary detour this winter into the world of photography. Inspiration struck after I read an online article highlighting the work of amateur photographers on the app site EyeEm and -voila!- a mini obsession was born. In short order, I was documenting the ordinary scenes along my rural road, taking portrait shots of my grandchildren, and pulling ‘arty’ photos from my archives. It’s been a very enjoyable diversion that, on more than a few wintery days, propelled me outside when I might have otherwise chosen to stay cozily in the house. With this new infatuation, scenes all around me seem suddenly fresh and new. Compelling vistas and subtle images of beauty were everywhere I looked, just waiting to be captured.

While I enjoyed the photography, I’m now back to focusing on quilting and preparing to put some serious time into a large piece that I hope to enter into Houston’s IQA show this fall (April deadline!). My small quilts for the next challenge group dinner are finished – look for pics of the entire group’s 12″x12″ offerings later this month right here on the blog. 🙂

In the meantime, here are some of the images I played with over these past couple months. Each one is a love letter in some way…to my grandchildren, to my rural home and it’s surroundings, and especially to my always beautiful in every season Michigan.

Out and About In Dansville

This tree seems to wave at me every time I drive past.
Zeus and Oscar, my favorite neighbors, coming to get their apples.
Cornrows make for some beautiful designs.
The abandoned pheasant farm on Dexter Trail. (A short snow thaw that day!)
The clouds and shadows add drama to this stark scene.
I love the shapes and subtle colors that sweep your eye across the photo.
Another view from the pheasant farm – an abandoned barn.
Winter color along my back fence line.

A wood pile made a beautiful (abstract) design and a simple fence post did too.

Stark beauty

Sunsets make for some pretty colors on snow and bare branches.

My Sweet Loves

Bodhi giving Grace a lick, I mean kiss. 🙂
Lovely Natalie
Charlie, fresh from a nap.
Chase, a natural model.




Natalie playing in the leaves last fall and a vine growing on a cement wall in Frankenmuth.

Chase watching the boats being put away on a stormy day at Houghton lake last summer.
Chase, my muse.

I can’t help but imagine some of my photos as art quilts and am sure I’ll be merging these two creative obsessions together in some way. Stretching and growing artistically is a good feeling and I hope I never get too old, too stuck or too fearful to keep at it. And now to get back to quilting…








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