Baby Love

A couple of months ago it was my granddaughter Natalie’s turn for some time and undivided attention in the sewing studio. Her wish? – to make a blanket for a new baby cousin on the way (due now in just a week!). The perfect fabric for her project was already in my stash, a coral pink swirling confection, which Natalie quickly approved for both it’s softness and cuteness. With the idea of using that fabric as the blanket’s backing, we searched a little more and found some pretty matching cotton prints, mapped out a plan, and she set herself to work.



Binding the blanket with satin was a given but we decided to make it extra special by embroidering on it “For Grace With Love ~ Natalie” and making it a ruffle. A hiccough in the process occurred when I couldn’t get the embroidery attachment to work (not having used that accessory on my back-up sewing machine in a while), but stubbornness and persistence prevailed! After a full day of sewing, this little trouper had a finished baby blanket, which she proudly presented to her Aunt Kristen just this past weekend.

Great job, Natalie!

Another bit of baby love occurred about a week ago when family gathered to meet my niece Kali’s two month old daughter for the first time. So sweet. ❤ We heard a little about baby Peyton’s birth story and I was surprised (and then not!) to learn that Kali’s hospital room number had been 414. A sign of heavenly grandmother love, no doubt!

Charlie, Kristen, (Great)Grandpa, Peyton, and Kali


If the question is “who loves ya, baby”? – in this family, the answer is “We all do”!


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