A Parrot(t) Tale

My grandkids are no strangers to the sewing room and often ask to work on projects when they occasionally spend the night. As they’ve gotten older their project interests are a little more complex and it’s become evident that taking turns for single overnights, in order to have undivided attention and ample work space, is the best plan. Chase was deemed recipient of the inaugural overnight and he looked forward for weeks to starting a fabric collage project that’s been on his radar since April.

At that time I had just returned from a week long Susan Carlson workshop and upon seeing the unfinished collage I’d started in class, Chase said he wanted to learn to do that. Well, it just so happened that I had prepared two alternate patterns for the workshop and in a lightbulb moment, I knew the parrot pattern would be perfect for him – colorful, fanciful, not too easy or hard, and after all… he’s a Parrott for goodness sake. I showed him the drawing and the project was on!


When the day finally arrived, Chase jumped right in. We used the enlarged paper drawing for determining shapes and sizes of fabric pieces; cutting, pinning, and eventually gluing them to the muslin base. Before all of that, Chase shopped my stash for colorful fabrics and exclaimed that I must have every fabric there is! Haha, if only! 🙂


Fabric collage can be intense business so we worked in 1-2 hour sessions and Chase took breaks to play with the dog, ride the quad, play basketball, cook hot dogs over a campfire for dinner, and watch old Perry Mason reruns with his Grandpa. By the second day a lot had been accomplished!


We mapped out a plan for how much time it might take to finish, which realistically could be a few months, but Chase and I are in agreement that it’s a good start and we had a great time.




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