The Art of Connection, Part One

Who hasn’t wondered if, in the grander scheme of things, their life and work have any lasting impact? I sometimes have to remind myself that a small life, lived with authenticity, sends out ripples of effect and the impact of gentle ripples over time can be great indeed. This past month I’ve had the privilege of seeing and feeling the impact my art has had in the lives of people I care about.

On March 23rd my Uncle Sig and Aunt Carol celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary…an awe inspiring milestone in the lives of two very special people. Their daughter, Kristin, had the idea that my quilt ‘Grandma Jewett’s Flower Garden’ would make the perfect gift to mark the occasion. You see, Grandma Jewett was Uncle Sig’s grandmother and great-grandmother to Kristin and I. Her flower garden of bright zinnias lives in all of our memories. She led a small and quiet life and yet, after all these years it is still having an impact.

After receiving the gift, my uncle sent me a photo of the newly framed quilt along with these eloquent words of appreciation,

We are thrilled beyond words. It is a striking piece of artwork; inspired by, created by, gifted by, and received by members of one family lineage………….how priceless!

For the time being it is resting on our gas-fireplace mantel so that it can be readily shared with all who enter our home. It is sure to provoke countless tellings of the story; the Grandma’s garden, the great granddaughter’s remembrance of it and the ability to replicate it in her mind’s eye through quilting, another great granddaughter recognizing the significance of the piece and how it would make the perfect anniversary gift for a grandson (of the original Grandma) and his wife. That’s the long-winded telling with none of the interlocking love that holds the whole story together.”


My father, Roger Eriksen, Aunt Carol and Uncle Sig

My favorite part of the above quote is Uncle Sig’s reference that “interlocking love holds the whole story together.” Isn’t that a truth and aspiration for all of us, in every relationship, and in all the ways that matter?

So cheers to you, Sigurd and Carol Eriksen, and to the ripples of effect your 60 years of marriage, love and commitment have had, are now having, and will continue to have in future generations. I’m proud and grateful to be your niece. ❤


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