Forecast: A Wintery Mix

I’m looking out the window at the falling snow and thinking today’s outside wintery weather mix is telling me to cozy up inside and write a “mix” kind of post.

One of the biggest mix it up moves I made this year was to take a break from the quilt challenges – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still reveals to share. The other women are still participating in the themed challenges and additionally we are passing around a large piece of fabric to be altered by someone different every month or so. Candace took the first turn and shared her reveal with Jill and I during a lunch get-together at Darb’s in Mason.


The original fabric was an organic batik of purple, aqua, and green meandering blobs. Candace pointed out that it looked like cancer cells under a microscope. Yikes. Her alteration was to cut it up and piece it back together with the addition of coordinating patterned and batik fabrics. The piece has now passed in to Jill’s capable hands, along with a baggie of the cut out squares. I can’t wait to see what the next reveal brings and already have an idea of what I’ll be doing when my turn comes. 🙂

I’m using the free time I’ve acquired from sitting out the themed challenges to finish up some other projects…like the bed quilt that I started last October at the retreat we held here at my house. I decided to make the quilt reversible, thank goodness, because I definitely like the back side better. Tastes change when you keep fabric and projects for years before completing them!

Decorating with quilts is not just for the bedroom at my house. I’ve been on a mission to make my quilts more visible and my home more “homey” in a way that speaks to the aesthetic of who lives here. (There is a deer head or two, just for the Hubs). Quilts displayed on ladders, hung on walls, and pieced into pillows are some of the ways I’ve found to do that. After a struggle with the “feng shui” of my living space I think success was finally achieved this week. Balancing color, pattern, traditional, modern, and eclectic furniture pieces, and fighting my 80’s throwback style of decorating has proven to be a daunting task!


Next up on the docket are preparations for an art quilt retreat in Wisconsin. Candace and I will be heading out soon to learn Susan Carlson’s fabric collage technique and to have some fun vacation time. My pattern is done and I’ve started packing fabrics to take – and may I just say, petting the fabric never gets old! 😉

Lastly, the 414’s were fast and furious in February! On one particular day at work I saw the number 5 times. It’s not coincidental to me that the conversations taking place when this number pops up are offering encouragement and food for thought to more than a few people. Thank you Karen, for all your hugs!

I had just learned how to take a screen shot (thanks Stephanie 🙂 ) a few days before this Soda Crush page showed up while I was playing the game. I hurried to take the shot that was counting down by the second – so afraid with my fumbling that I would miss the 4:14 – and was floored when the seconds hit 14 just as the screen flashed. Why do I ever worry?

Really, why?

Happy wintery mix day to all…from Bodhi, Ed and I in snowy Michigan.




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