Quiltus Interruptus

How long can I take to finish a quilt that I think about frequently, have hanging on my design wall – that is actually out and ready to go at all times – and truly WANT to finish? Apparently, the answer is yet to be determined but suffice to say, a lo-o-o-ong time. The Princess still waits patiently…

In the meantime, my focus is regularly distracted by various other small projects, family events (a wedding!), stressful work, the flu (argh!), and a disarmingly charming mutt named Bodhi. I thought I’d share a few photos to show that, here and there, something really is getting accomplished.

I bought this Hokey Pokey kit a few years ago. The constructed blocks are  finally up on the design wall and I think I have enough for two lap quilts – one for me and another one for someone special. 🙂

This magazine holder was white when I bought it from a co-worker. I spray painted it light green at the time but in my new sewing room it needed an updated look. Black high gloss paint and fabric scraps glued to the beads – voila! – a sleek “new” accessory.

I bought a generic “Welcome to my happy place” sign because it perfectly fit the scarred wooden ledge along the stairs that lead directly into my sewing room. But it was so stark! Batik fabric glued to the outside edge, buttons and an arrow (not pictured) drawn on to point the way made it all better.

I’ve been on the lookout for an old wooden ladder for a year. Garage sales, word out to family and friends…I just wasn’t looking in the right place. An afternoon stroll through an antique shop with Candy and I found three! This one was perfect for the upstairs hallway just as I had imagined it would be. A great way to display quilts.

I’m working on a few favors for an upcoming Quilt Retreat being held at my house next month. I love the colors!

Bodhi tries to be patient. When he figures enough time has been devoted to something besides him, he’ll stare at me through the glass of the drafting table my sewing machine sits on. Any acknowledgement will bring him out from under the table to a hopeful step up  on to the chair. From there it’s onto my lap and who can resist dog kisses and a wagging tail? Not me 😉

So, Princess, for now we’ll keep company in our old, familiar way. But know this to be true, our destiny awaits…


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