The Beat Goes On

There are a couple of reasons that the phrase ‘the beat goes on’ is meaningful to me this week. First and foremost, my father underwent open heart surgery for a double by-pass and the repair of 2 leaking valves. No small deal, that. Happily, he is recovering well and at home as of yesterday.

Secondly, the aforementioned event brought me into the company of my brother, our acknowledged family computer guru (he works in the IT business, after all) – and just like that, a frustrating problem that has plagued me since resuming this blog was resolved.

As a perpetual technical novice I had no idea that transferring my domain name from Blogger to WordPress would cause me to lose public access to all previous posts. Granted, I’m not imparting wisdom for the ages here, but there have been a handful of posts that held special meaning for me and that might similarly have meaning to others, especially in years to come. I felt a small grief at their loss.

I applied my best efforts and limited knowledge to retrieving the posts. No success. I ventured to ask a few techie types for insight (including my brother) but it just wasn’t the sort of problem that could be fixed by a “oh, THAT? Then do THIS” kind of conversation. It was going to require heads bent side by side over the computer and a fair amount of patience on the part of all involved. So when Dad’s surgeon told him that he would have to stay one more night in the hospital and my brother and I returned to Dad’s house on the lake, I saw my opportunity. I’m sure it must be trying to be the go-to person for all things computer related but let me just say this – 30 minutes later my problem was solved. Cue the choir!

There’s nothing more to do now except the grunt work of transferring each post to the new archives pages…and after months of frustration and resignation it seems surprisingly easy once the steps to go through are understood. This old dog learned some new tricks this week and I feel like the heart of my blog was restored to life.

Best of all, though, the Top Dog’s heart really was restored to life and he’s got more time to show us all a few extra tricks of his own.  ❤



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