Playing Cards

Many years ago, when I dabbled in portrait art, I ordered business cards from a local print shop. They were plain cards with a tiny stock illustration of a palette and paintbrush and I ordered the minimum number possible, which was still a ridiculous count. A few were displayed in a ceramic card holder in my studio, others got taped to the back of finished paintings, and the 200-500 or so others I stored in their box in a drawer. All told, I might have used twenty of them – tops. Eventually, the mauve colored paper stock faded, our family moved to a new address and I moved on to quilting. The cards were thrown away. Who needed them?

couple of years ago my friend and fellow textile artist, Candace, ordered some business cards online. Oo la la, they were pretty! The cards were glossy and bright and best of all showed images of her own quilts on them. I was impressed and thought about ordering some of my own (again)…but I just couldn’t do it, knowing how the others had languished in that drawer.

Earlier this year, thinking to showcase some of our challenge quilts, I contacted the manager of a bookstore cafe where local art is displayed – and guess what she asked me for? Yep, a business card. Still I hesitated. After procrastinating about as long as I could, I finally followed my friend’s lead, got online and – wonder of wonders – found I could order  just 50 cards for the bargain price of $25 (and design them myself, which turned out to be a lot of fun).


Now, the cards have arrived and I love them. Because the price was so reasonable, I used a variety of images on the back just to see what would look best. Ironically, the fact that they’re personal to me and my art now just makes me want to keep them. No worries…I’ll probably give out 3, keep 47, and be satisfied to know that I can always reorder!



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