I Have A Light

This article is out of the ordinary for me, but I’m feeling compelled to write by tragic events that sadly, horrifically, have become ordinary. Hearing the news last weekend that 50 people had been killed in a nightclub attack left me feeling strangely numb. The horrors of Columbine, Aurora, and Sandy Hook, in particular, have shaken me to my core. I have cried tears for children, parents, and rescue workers whose scars I can only imagine. It never stops. It never goes away. It never gets better but instead each event is superseded by the next tragedy. Leaders argue about solutions and effect temporary, ineffectual change. And I feel numb. I’m just one ordinary person and the problem is so overwhelmingly large.

We live in an often dark world. The sub heading of this blog says “this little light of mine…”. According to my spiritual belief system, I do have a light to shine, a light that is not me but One that shines through me and is able to penetrate the darkness and make it flee. Today I remembered that and I felt…the anger and the power.

So today, and every day going forward I will remember that my single voice, in my unremarkable life, can be used by God to effect real and effective change in the lives and minds of those with whom I cross paths.

In my art I use fabric – bright, colorful, diverse in pattern and texture. The colors that are opposite each other on an the color wheel are the very ones that complement each other the most and each showcases the beauty of the other. I love that differences in light, dark, color, and pattern are the very things that make a quilt vibrate with energy. The same is true of people. I love the beauty of spirit of my friends and family members who are gay and transgender. I love this little light of mine. I LOVE.



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