Do You See What I See?

I often randomly stop to take photos of things that catch my eye. My husband used to ask, “What do you want a picture of that for?” – but now he knows it’s for my art. Birds, leaves, flowers, children, architecture, beautiful patterns natural or man-made…the list goes on and on. There is literally inspiration everywhere.

I always imagine translating my photos into quilt art and find even that thought process to be inspiring. The creative spark is what ignites the fire of my life every day. No kidding! Many times I’ve put the responsibilities of daily life ahead of my creative life. “I’ll get to art when the work is done” or “art will be my reward when work is finished”. But here’s the kicker for me – I’m a procrastinator on doing the things I don’t enjoy or really want to do and then I never get around to my art. Instead, it works wonders if I make art the priority and accomplish something creative every day. Magically, creativity is energizing and the other jobs become less mentally and physically burdensome, able to be accomplished much more quickly and easily.

So here’s a sample of photos that I took purely because I found them inspiring. Maybe you’ll see what I see…but whether you do or don’t, I hope you’ll look around your own life and see some inspiration there. 🙂


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