On The Road

Quilt City, USA

It was Quilt Week in Paducah, KY, and my friends and I loaded up the Ford for a nine hour trip south. Candy, Jill and I were re-aquainting ourselves with the town after having traveled there on a bus tour in 2010, but it was Liz’s first time seeing the sights. As always, the exhibits were great, the quilts were inspiring, and the vendor wares were irresistible. I picked a few of my favorite quilts and highlights to share. Enjoy!

This was my favorite quilt at the show. It was done by Pauline Salzman and is titled Not Your Grandmother’s Wedding. I also loved a striking blue portrait that put me in mind of a challenge quilt I did a while back of my granddaughter, Natalie.

Who Was Alice? by Julie Burkey
Natalie on a Blue Day by Ellen Parrott

R.E.M. Rapid Eye Movement by Sonia Grasvik caught my attention with it’s playful use of color and shape. I was particularly drawn to several quilts by their bold designs and graphic colors.

Bohemian (detail) by Judi Madsen
The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars (detail) by Lorna Blount

I do appreciate a softer side, too…

Happy Wedding (detail) by Teiko Suzuki
A Garden For Your Peace of Mind (detail) by Kazuko Yamada

Mixed in with the quilts was frolic, fried pepperoni, strawberry shortcake, beer, relaxation along the river, and so much more. It was a good trip. 🙂

Candace, Liz, Jill, and Ellen



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