Quilt Challenge

Hardware Store Challenge – The Reveal!

A corner table at the Soup Spoon and a reservation for this group can only mean one thing – a quilt reveal dinner party! Three months ago the very real challenge we gave ourselves was to construct ‘quilts’ using unconventional materials obtained from a hardware store. As always, the only other rule was a 12″x12″ finished quilt size. I love that in this group there is no need for perfection, no criticism of style, design or technique, just pure enjoyment of the materials and creative process. To reintroduce ourselves we took a group photo:

Jean, Ellen, Alison, Brenda, Candace, and Liz

Liz Jadczak

Liz was eager to start us off by showing the back of her quilt first, as a segue into the actual reveal of her soon-to-be new status of homeowner. She wasn’t sure about making a quilt for this challenge but then found a  house that provided inspiration. Fingers crossed that her deal goes through!

The back – a for sale sign.
The front of a cute cape cod!
Sandpaper, blue painter’s tape, and a tie wrap tree.

Alison Lerg

Alison offered up a campfire quilt complete with toasted marshmallows. Check out the 3 dimensional feature. 🙂

Paint chips, window screen over felt, sandpaper, pipe cleaners, and paint stirring sticks for binding!


Ellen Parrott

Paint chips were irresistible to me as a material too. I placed them on 2 layers of window screen, secured them with nuts and bolts, and used black electrical tape for the binding. I liked the names of the colors so much that I cut the squares to keep the names visible and then made a reversible quilt by using leftover chips for the backing.





Brenda Koepf

Brenda would like to say that she only recently returned from a 3 week trip to Bali (where batik fabric is $2 per yard!). As always, she is a crunch player and still managed to pull off a quilt for the challenge. She was inspired by travel trailer duct tape because her frequent road trip buddy, Alison, has done a couple of appliqué travel trailers and Brenda thought she would get a kick out of it.




Candace Winiarski

Candace started a quilt and then changed her mind, making something completely different because she was feeling “prickly”.


Tie wraps on an aluminum grate.


There it is, another challenge completed. 🙂

Two months from now we’ll reveal the results of our next theme: The Erotica Challenge. Umm hmm, should be interesting…


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