Challenge Quilt Reveals

The Window Challenge – Reveal!

It doesn’t seem possible that three months have passed since the last group quilt challenge reveal…but here we are. The short summer months have hurried by in a hot haze of recreation, projects, and work. Now the season is winding down, nights are becoming cool again, and fall is on the horizon. Ahh! It’s Michigan,… Continue reading The Window Challenge – Reveal!

Quilt Challenge

The Devil Made Me Do It – A Quilt Reveal!

The inspiration for this quilt challenge stems from an encounter Brenda, Candace, and I had with a hideous piece of art a couple of years ago. The work was dark, obscure and featured a standing crocodile in profile along with these words, ‘It’s pretty, but is it art?’. Despite the Rudyard Kipling quotation, the piece… Continue reading The Devil Made Me Do It – A Quilt Reveal!

Challenge Quilt Reveals

Turkey Torpor and a Reveal!

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and a restless torpor has descended upon me. Does that make any sense? I can’t seem to settle into any one thing, be it reading, sewing, walking, television watching, or internet shopping. I was scheduled to work at the hospital today but a currently low census has several nurses staying… Continue reading Turkey Torpor and a Reveal!